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Eunice the Hummingbird

Eunice was back, now gone again!

We are so pleased that Eunice has come back again this year to nest.
At least we think it's Eunice, might be one of her babies from last year.

To recap, last year a young hummingbird came to our front porch and built
her nest on top of a hanging wind chime. Maybe not the best choice, but
she was an industrious little thing and she made it work. We named her
Eunice, in honor of Elsa's mother because she's so strong and brave.

Soon, there were two eggs in the nest, and over the course of the spring
they hatched and Jerome and Petunia were born. We watched them grow on
this webcam. It was a bittersweet day when the left home.

This year's hatchlings are named William and Lilly. Here is their
departure film.

Please enjoy!

William and Lilly